Academics at Gateway Christian School

A Brief Overview

The individualized system of mastery education contained in the Accelerated Christian Education system is a world leader in progress motivated learning.

  • Academic Services provided by ACE include:
  • Quality Assurance of academic standards
  • Development of locally relevant curriculum
  • Continuous curriculum improvements and updates
  • Government liaison to ensure compliance with accepted education norms and standards
  • Compliance with the National Curriculum Statement (NCS) requirements
  • In-service training of staff and parents

Curriculum Development

Accelerated Christian Education, as a leader in individualised education is constantly engaged in a process of review and update of available curriculum.

In South Africa, ACE has a team of dedicated, qualified curriculum developers who have produced materials and resources over the last 28 years to meet local requirements.

The curriculum developers have overviewed the National Curriculum Statement (NCS) and have successfully linked ACE Learning and Teaching Resource Materials (LTSMs) to all learning areas, outcomes and assessment standards. The same process is being followed as the new Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) is introduced by the National Department of Basic Education.


On completion of the ACE course of study, learners are able to embark on the career of their choice. The ACE system effectively equips the learners with morals, values and character. The Graduations Department will walk the learner through achieving a suitable certificate for their career choice.

ACE Qualifications and Certificates

The following SAQA registered qualifications are available through ACE, South Africa:

  • SAQA Registration 17209 – NQF Level 4 – ACE Ministries Grade 12 College Entrance Certificate
  • SAQA Registration 17207 – NQF Level 3 – ACE Ministries General Certificate
  • SAQA Registration 17208 – NQF Level 1 – Vocational Preparatory Certificate

Quality Assurance

Over the last 28 years ACE South Africa has developed a team of 28 Regional Representatives who visit schools annually. The Regional Representatives advise, assist and evaluate the school with regards to the implementation of the ACE procedures, general school improvement, assessment and progress of all high school learners, including academic projections.

Deserving schools are awarded quality status for one year starting 1 October to 30 September of the following year. Regional representatives are also tasked with special visits when there are queries on the quality of a school, when ACE’s graduations department needs to verify student scores, verification of standard procedures, etc.