Arts and Culture at Gateway Christian School

The arts are central to the idea of education being about inculcating a love of learning, of acquiring knowledge. It is no accident that the arts are traditionally connected with the idea of being educated. Hence an educated person is assumed to be interested in the arts. Twentieth-century German philosopher Ernst Cassirer explained the importance of the arts as follows: ‘Science gives us order in thoughts, morality gives us order in actions; art gives us order in the apprehension of visible, tangible and audible appearances.’ A good education includes a good arts education, introducing children and young people to great literature (novels, poetry and short stories, plays), dance, visual arts, music and film – Wendy Earle. For this reason Gateway is committed to the expansion of the arts.


Gateway has taken part in the Annual National Eisteddfod Competition since 2009 and our students have always done very well. We will and will continue to take part every year and always look forward to our students doing well.

Junior Convention

Music is important in our Gateway experience. Our children have formed their own school band where they lead assemblies, singing periods, awards ceremonies and special services. Our school band has placed often during the All Africa Student Convention. Creare is available every Tuesday to teach children piano, drums, guitar, bass, vocal training and more. Mrs Min is our very own music teacher and is responsible for running the music programme in the Junior Phase.


The AASC is an annual event that is held over a period of one week. High school learners from across Africa (and even Scandinavia) come together to compete in events in a variety of areas: academic, art, sport, music, platform (speech & drama), and dance. AASC can best be described as a mini Olympics for learners in schools using the ACE system and other Christian schools.

Gateway has been excelling at AASC over the past few years. In 2014 about 75% of the items taken to AASC came in a top ten position in an arena of 1,200 students. We had two 1st places, five 2nd places, five 3rd places, four 4th places, four 5th places, two 6th places, two 7th places, two 9th places, and two 10th places. This was the result of many months of hard work and dedication on the part of the students.

Learners who excel in their events are nominated to attend the International Student Convention which is held in the USA once a year. The ISC tour is a life-changing experience and an awesome opportunity for learners. In 2014 four students received ISC nominations. Rebecca Joubert received ISC nominations for her 200m Dash, her 400m Dash, for her Female Vocal Duet and her Linear Powerpoint Presentation. Tiffany Irons received an ISC nomination for her Bare Compound Bow Archery. Jennifer Ferreira Rodrigues received ISC nominations for her Female Vocal Duet and her Female Vocal Solo. Tebogo Malapane received an ISC nomination for his Expressive Reading. Although none of them attended ISC 2015, this is still a wonderful achievement and another flag holding Gateway’s name up high. Where else can one week last a lifetime?