Level 7 (13)

From as early as Grade 0 learners are taught how to set goals and effectively achieve them.

A practical goal card is used to forward plan for each day and then strike off goals on completion.

An academic projection is a high school plan of the course of study a learner will follow.

Together with the parents and teacher, the learner will project his majors and elective courses at the end of Grade 9.

The learner will then set annual and quarterly goals so as to complete the projected courses through Grades 10 to 12.

The Academic Services department is on hand to assist any school or home school academy in compiling and approving these projections.

Academic Projection forms are available as a ready reference to guide teachers through the process of compiling projections.

Each child has their own academic projection worked out for them at the beginning of each term This shows how many PACEs are required to finish a particular level as well as how many PACEs are needed to be completed per term.