Where We Come From - Our History

During the early 1990s a few Barberton families were driving their children to Nelspruit to receive Christian education at Calvary Christian School. In 1992 Theo and Marie Van Ghent and Dave and Angela Scott started to pray about starting an ACE school in Barberton.

In January 1994 the School opened its doors in the Old Scout Hall situated in Gospel Street (nowadays it is home to Little Geniuses). 14 students were enrolled with Mr van Ghent as principal, Pieter Swart as Pastor in charge and with Church affiliation to Barberton Christian Fellowship.

By the end of 1996 there were 24 children enrolled in the school, Gateway had its first Graduate- Stephen Scott, we had already sent two students to International Student Convention: Stephen Scott in 1994 and Sarah Scott in 1996. The school was doing well and growing in numbers and in reputation. This present property was given to the church and the foundations were laid in this year 1996.

In 1997 the school relocated to the Kofkor Building and it was in this year that the preschool was established. Up until then the school had only been offering classes from Grade 1. The preschool was started in the old railroad Building in Joubert Street and it soon moved to the Old Scout Hall.

By 1998 the school had 105 students enrolled. It was in this year that the Constitution was adopted.

It was during the year of 2000 that there were a few changes that came to Gateway. The most significant being the move down to the MacPhearson Street Building, and the change of spiritual covering from the Barberton Christian Fellowship to the Methodist Church with the Pastor-in-charge: Dave Morgan. The uniform was standardised and Tracy began the process to get a supplier so that school could have its own school clothes shop.

2001 began with 45 children enrolled.

2002 began with 34 children enrolled and there was 1 graduation: Kate Smith

2003 was an exciting year for Gateway as this was the year they celebrated their 10th anniversary. It was also in this year that Universities across South Africa opened their doors to ACE graduates and in this year Gateway had 3 graduates. They were Natalie Morgan, Henno Greef and Marius van Ghent.
All three of them went on to study further.

Computer Literacy was also introduced as a major subject at Gateway.

2004 began with 38 children enrolled. It was in this year that Jarrod Clur and Ruth van Kempen graduated.

2005 began with 37 children enrolled.

2006 began with 44 student enrolled. Siphiwe Lubisi graduated in this year.

In 2007 after 13 years of leading Gateway, Theo van Ghent and his wife moved on to help establish ACE schools in Russia. Sethu Makhanya, Adele Hartmann and Meghan Clur graduated in this year.

Tracy took over keeping the books and she started the school shop at the school in this year.

Jonathan and Tracy became the new Foundation Members alongside Dave and Les Morgan and took over from Theo and Marie. And it was in this year that Jonathan first shared his vision to the executive to complete the school on the original foundations that had been laid 12 years ago in 1996! The Executive was in full agreement of this vision and they included in this vision that Gateway would then run a mission school at the MacPhearson Street building reaching less privileged children.

In 2008 three children graduated: Amanda Dlamini, Kyle Watson, and Sizwe Shabangu.
We also had our Natalie, Henno graduated out of the University of Pretoria with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and Marius graduated out of the Tswane University of Technology with B Tch IT.

2009 was the year we began with our Eisteddfod involvement.
The building began on the new school in Henry Nettmann Street.
Nkosinathi Lubisi graduated.

2010 began with 67 children enrolled. That was 14 in the preschool, 6 in the ABCs, and 47 in the Main Learning Centre. It was another very significant year as it was the year that Tracy Irons and Allison Joubert took over as Administrator and Principal respectively. This was the year that Gateway’s own school song was written.

It was in 2010 that we moved into the new school building over the long weekend of August and we held our grand opening in September of this year.

By 2011 our enrolments had risen to 78 children. We had 10 children in the Grade RR class. 9 children in the Grade R class, and 14 in the ABCs, with 45 children in the Main Learning Centre. Our first graduate out of the new school building was Michael Irons in 2011.
Our Colours Policy was established. The first Gateway Yearbook was published.

In 2012 our enrollments were 79 children. We also acquired our new school bus!!
Lee-Anne Lewis started an aftercare in the afternoons, down in the church building.

In 2013 our enrolments were up to 107 children. The Grade RRR was started also in the church.
Dine Human was our next graduate in 2013 and by this time we had approximately 100 enrollments.

In 2014 our enrolments were 121 children.

2015 and beyond we look forward to Junior Convention next year. We are looking forward to building new school buildings in the very near future. We are also hoping for a sports stadium and our own swimming pool.

We are inspired by all these wonderful achievements and milestones and ignited by the dreams and visions that lie just ahead of us on this exciting journey of destiny.